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Clipchamp is a Microsoft-owned cloud-based video editor for creators. It has recently become a popular video editor with many users. Its most recent popularity is led by Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Office subscribers.

Since acquiring the app, Microsoft has had one goal: to simplify Clipchamp. The first and most important step in achieving this was to simplify the price structure. Previously, Clipchamp had 4 different subscription categories. These are ‘Free’, ‘Creator’, ‘Business’ and ‘Business Platinum’. These ranged from free to $40 per month.

Since it’s more complicated than necessary, Microsoft has simplified it into two basic categories. The former is free, while the latter costs $11.99 per month. This paid subscription gives users access to premium filters and effects. Microsoft promises that this is now also available for free users, but we don’t think that will be entirely true and all filters will be available.

While the claim of providing all the filters may be true, the paid plan also differs from the free plan in two other aspects. First of all, the images on the paid plan are premium stock images while the ones on the free are well…free. The second advantage is that the paid plan has the “single brand” option.

Clipchamp has a fairly comprehensive library of filters and effects. The app offers 57 filters, 9 of which are premium. The premium filters are indeed the best of the lot, including Warm Countryside, Dreamscape, Soft B&W, Winter Sunset, Cool Tone, and Sunrise.

The app also has lots of amazing sounds including hip hop, energetic intro, dark trailer and much more. However, most of the coolest music and SFX sounds are hidden in the premium section.

To promote its Microsoft accounts, Microsoft announced to unlock the premium features that have Microsoft 365 subscriptions. Microsoft.

Along with all the premium features, Microsoft 365 subscribers will also have access to brand kits with logos, colors, and fonts.

To further implement this strategy, Microsoft is asking Clipchamp users to link their Microsoft accounts to receive all premium benefits. We think this will work well since users will now get two paid subscriptions while only having paid for one!

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